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Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Car Lovers!

Valentines Day Gifts They Will Love 

Love is in the air and the time to celebrate is fast approaching! Weather your celebrating with family, friends, or a significant other finding the right gift for valentines can be stressful. You want it to be cool, useful, and something they will love.

Well if you have a car lover on your hands we have some awesome gift ideas that are sure to impress. It may even be the best gift they’ll receive all year!

Our Top 11 Gifts

1) Auto Care Products

Who wouldn’t love a kit to help keep their car looking good? Get creative by going the DIY route and build gift basket with products or buy one already made. You can find kits at auto parts stores, Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Here is one we think is perfect for only $23.88. Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit 

2) Jump Starter

A jump starter is perfect for anyone and is great to have on hand. You never know when you, someone you know, or don’t know may need it. Whom ever is the lucky one to get this gift will certainly be the hero of the day! Check out this neat multi-use jump starter on Amazon starting at $59.99. OEMTOOLS

3) Tool Kit

 We always see those cute commercials on T.V around Valentines and Christmas time of the excited dad opening up his new tool kit. Well they definitely had a good idea. Weather your buying a gift for your partner, good friend, or family if they love cars and love working on them this is the way to go.  You can go as expensive or as economical as you want. We’ve found one that is great on the go and at home. DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set. 

4) Dash Cam 

Dash cams have multiple uses both fun and useful. They can be used to record your adventures on the road or to catch those moments we all try to avoid, accidents. They also come in handy to keep an eye on your vehicle when you are not around. But seriously who doesn’t want to catch those beautiful moments when on the road. Here is one at a good price and has a GPS built in for $99.97. Rove R2-Rk Dash Cam

5) Emergency Kit 

This is a great gift not just for car lovers but for everyone. If you have a car you should have an emergency kit, it never hurts to be prepared! This one has a little bit of everything and we’ve actually gifted it twice. We love it! Justin Case Premium Travel Pro Auto Safety Kit

6) Tiny Cooler

This has to be one of the best things ever invented. A mini fridge that requires no ice and goes wherever you go! Great for sport events, road trips, picnics,  and much more. And if your valentine loves to be on the road this is perfect to store some snacks and drinks with out worrying about the food going bad. Black and Decker Travel Cooler 

7) Shift Bottle Stopper 

Out of everything this has to be my personal favorite. A design twist on your typical bottle stopper. You could even buy several of these and hand them out to each one or your valentines or pair it with their favorite bottle of wine, whisky, rum ,etc. A gift for all or a gift for one either way it really is the perfect gift. Gear Shift Bottle Stopper

8) Personalized Licence Plate Frame

How awesome would it be to add some character to your valentines ride. Have a personalized licence plate frame made with their favorite quote, cute nickname, special message, or a joke between the two of you. Make it as personal as you want or just something to make others laugh. You could even take it a step further and get a custom licence plate to go with it.  License Plate Frame  

9) Seat Cushion & Steering Wheel Cover

Another way to add character to their vehicle is to get a seat cushion with a matching steering wheel cover. You can even get a seat cushion for the passenger side… you know to have a matching set. Not only will this add character but comfort as well for a more relaxed ride. There are so many to choose from, from heated cushions to foam and orthopedic ones. Pick the one that best fits your… I mean your valentines needs. If you are looking for something simple but useful take a look at this Sanilax seat cushion with a heating and cooling feature.

10) Mini Vacuum & Carpet Cleaner

If your valentine is a car lover then they most likely keep their car pretty clean but messes happen especially when other people ride in the car. For instant clean ups a mini vacuum that is easy to store and a carpet cleaner to go with it will keep their car clean at all times.  We have found a Vacuum and Carpet Cleaner  we believe will do the job.

11) Gift Card

If all else fails get a gift card. Places like Auto Zone, Pep Boys, O’Reilly’s, or even online stores have them. Which ever place is their favorite go with that. To make it more personal buy a valentines card to go with it. You could even make a goody bag with their favorite snacks and place the gift card inside.

What ever you get your valentine remember it is not just about the gifts. It is about celebrating love and taking the time to enjoy your loved ones. As long as your gift comes from the heart it will be perfect.

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Road Trip: Everything You Need To Stay Safe On The Road

Road trips can be fun and adventurous journeys that create memories to last a lifetime. They can also be a recipe for disaster. Things like flat tires, accidents, getting lost, and running out of gas are all possible issues that could arise while on a road trip. And when you are miles away from home this can be a scary thing. Preparing your car before a road trip and having the right tools can help make ensure everything goes as planned.

Preparing your car before a road trip

The first step in preparing your car is to schedule a basic maintenance check a week before the trip. Everything from the engine oil to the transmission fluid, battery and tires should be checked. You also want to get the lights and windshield wipers checked to make sure they do not need to be replaced soon. The last thing anyone wants during a road trip is a dead battery or a hard time seeing in the rain. Another important thing is to buy a portable GPS. Now I know, who uses those anymore right, we have our phones. But phones are not always reliable. With a portable GPS you won’t have to worry about running out of battery, loosing it, disruptions, or using up data.

Other things to do before your trip is to make sure you have a spare tire,  create an emergency contact list, get a roadside assistance plan,clean out the car, and fill up the tank. With these few steps you can be sure that your car will be in tip top shape for a long journey. Next is to make sure you pack the right tools in case of any emergencies.

Tools to keep in your car

There are 3 key items to always keep in your car but especially when driving long distances. A auto safety kit, portable air compressor, and a tire changing kit. The auto safety kit should include a first aid kit, tow rope, booster cables, and a flash light. Some also come with a blanket, emergency poncho, and road safety reflectors. All three items can be found at any auto supply store, Walmart or Target. And to make sure that everyone riding in the car stays happy don’t forget to pack food, drinks, and good music.

We get so excited to plan all the good stuff for our trips but don’t forget to plan for any issue too. Give your car what it needs to keep running and anything needed incase it fails.Worrying about being under prepared won’t be an issue if you are ready for anything. Remember to take a lot of pictures, enjoy the moment, and just have a good time.




Maintaining Your Vehicle: 6 Key Areas

Maintaining your vehicle to increase its life span

Now we all know that on occasion our vehicles need some loving when in despair. While vehicles can be some lean, mean, running machines they can also be very delicate and needy. Our vehicles reliability relies on keeping up with its maintenance. Weather you have a Honda, a Lexus, or a Toyota  maintaining your vehicle can also help prevent major issues in the future which could also save you money. We believe these six key areas are a must in maintaining your vehicle.

Oil Change  

Routine oil changes are a crucial part of a vehicles maintenance. This consists of replacing old oil in the engine for new oil to prevent the internal parts from over heating. The oil in the engine acts as a lubricant to help the different parts function effectively by adsorbing heat created from the moving components. Over time the oil starts to wear out and become less effective. To prevent this from causing major damage to the vehicle the oils should be changed as instructed by the manufacturer.

Air Filter

The air filter acts as a barrier to stop debris,dirt and contaminants in the environment from entering the engine. Like any other filter, it eventually begin to clog up and work less efficiently. This can cause an increase in fuel usage, unfiltered air to enter the cabin, and possible damage to the engine in a worse case scenario. Generally, one can have the air filter checked when scheduling an oil change.

Breaker Fluid

One of the most important advantages of a vehicle is its ability to keep you safe. Old breaker fluid can cause issue like break failures, decrease in stopping power, and corrosion may occur.  As moisture builds inside the breaker fluids reservoir it ability to reach its optimum temperature without boiling decreases, as well as its ability to perform appropriately. The goal is to flush out old breaker fluid before a significant amount of moisture builds, diluting the fluid.


Vehicle must produce high temperatures in order to create the momentum needed to move. And like all other object the metal of the engine can only withstand so much heat. Coolant absorb the heat emitted by the engine in order to stay cool enough to function. Surprisingly, coolant is comprised of two simple ingredients, water and antifreeze. Water is what actually helps keep the engine from overheating and antifreeze prevents that water from freezing over. It is important to check the coolant levels regularly to prevent the vehicle from overheating and breaking down.  

Spark Plugs 

Spark plugs are what give your vehicle a kick start and there condition is directly linked to the engines performance. Now, while spark plugs normally have a long lifespan it is still important to have them checked on occasion. Sign for detecting worn out spark plugs include problems starting the vehicle, engine misfires, engine surges and a lack of acceleration. Have your local mechanic check the spark plugs when doing routine maintenance to insure you catch any issues or wear and tear ahead of time.


There are two thing to focus on when checking the tires. The air pressure and the tire tread. Driving on a tire with low pressure can decrease your vehicles MPG  as well as cause a flat, both of which can be costly and dangerous. Be sure to check the recommended tire pressure which can normally be found by the driver door inside the vehicle. Tire tread is what provides traction when driving. As the tread starts to wear out the handling of your vehicles becomes difficult especially in dangerous weather like rain. If you ever believe the treading or tire pressure are low have it checked by a professional to confirm and give the best solution.

While there are other areas of a vehicle to keep up with these six are key in maintaining your vehicles reliability and longevity. If you have any concurrence about when to perform routine maintenance check the owners manual or ask a trusted mechanic. Be sure to stay aware of any warning signs that come on in the vehicle as this can also notify you when it is time to have your vehicle checked.




7 Questions To Ask When Shopping For A Used Vehicle

7 Questions

There are so many questions one has to consider when shopping for a vehicle. The process can be frustrating, time consuming, and a huge headache! And not to mention making an actual decision on what dealership to buy from or what car to get. However, it does not have to be such a dreadful experience. Here are 7 questions one can ask to make  sure the process is much easier and smoother.

1. Does the dealership offer in-house or out of house financing?

Knowing what kind of financing a dealership offers can be helpful for many reasons but it all leads back to one main thing, credit scores. For someone who has good credit and is not worried about building their credit at the moment, either type of financing will work. For people who have little credit or no credit an in-house financing dealership can be more beneficial because they typically do not run credit checks.

2. What are the dealerships requirements to purchase a vehicle?

All dealerships have a set of standard requirements to purchase a vehicle. These requirements include proof of employment, a legal photo identification, and a list of references. However, dealers may ask for additional information, for this reason it is good to know ahead of time what one will need to purchase a vehicle.

3. Do they offer flexible payment schedules?

Typically, car payments work like any other set of bills we have, on a monthly bases. Now, while this can be easy to remember it can also be overwhelming to pay all of our bills at once. In order to help customers out some dealerships will offer different payment schedules like weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

4. Is the vehicle you are interested in Clean Title or Rebuilt Salvage?

Although dealerships have to inform their customer if a vehicle is rebuilt salvage it is always a good idea to verify this information from the start especially if there is a preference. This can also help determine what your insurance payment will be like and if they will cover the vehicle.

5. Does the dealership ask for full coverage insurance or liability?

There is no standard procedure on what type of insurance a dealership can ask for when purchasing a vehicle. This decision is strictly based on the dealerships preference. The dealer may take into consideration the price of the vehicle, the customers credit history, or any previous history they may have with the customer.

6. What is the vehicles maintenance history?

This one is extremely important. The vehicles maintenance, both previous and current, will determine how reliable the vehicle is and if any issue will arise in the near future. To get a clearer picture of the vehicles current history one can also have the vehicle checked out by a trusted mechanic.

7. Does the vehicle come with warranty and if so what does it offer?

It is normal to be concerned about possible maintenance issues when purchasing a used vehicle. To ease this concern ask the dealer if they included a warranty or if they have one available for purchase. One should also know what the warranty covers and for how long.

With these 7 questions at your fingertips, you can be sure to cover all the basics before making your final purchase decision.

In the end the most important thing is to feel confident in your decision.  As long a you ask question, take your time and consider all of your options the process should be hassle free.

What did we miss? What are some questions you’ve asked that were helpful in making a vehicle purchase?

In-House Financing: What Does It Mean?

In-house Financing

Used car dealerships are notorious for using in-house financing as an option to help out those looking for a car with no credit or bad credit, especially buy here pay here dealerships. But what exactly does in house financing mean? Well it’s simple, in house financing means that instead of having to go through a bank or some sort of financing firm to acquire funds for a product, like a car, you go directly through the dealer. Eliminating the middle man between you and the dealer.

Now that we have an overview about what in-house financing is lets get into more detail like the pros and cons that come with buying at buy here pay here dealerships. As stated before most, if not all, buy here pay here dealership offer in-house financing. There are a few plus sides to this. First, for who have bad credit or no credit buy here pay here dealerships are a great source to help you get a vehicle you may otherwise not be able to get. This is because most of the time these dealerships do not require credit checks, who the dealer lends to is under their own discretion. As long as one has a form of identification, proof of employment or any other requirement from the dealer you will most likely be good to go.

In addition to no credit checks buy here pay here’s or in-house financing dealerships allow you to continue dealing with the dealership through out your loan period. This can be beneficial in the sense that when the time comes to getting your next vehicle, given that you have built a good relationship with the dealer, the process will be much easier and the dealer is more compelled to work with you on prices and payments.

 Lastly, in-house financing dealerships typically offer flexible payment schedules like weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment that one normally does not get from other financing firms. Cons on the other hand do include the fact that because they do not normally report to the credit bureau it will have no affect on raising your credit, if that is your goal then this can be a down side. Another con is that you are limited in options as far as inventory in concerned to the ones held at the dealership. Over all buy here pay here dealerships with in-house financing are a great option for any one looking to buy a vehicle, not just those with bad credit.



Rebuilt Salvage and Clean Title: Know the Difference

Clean Tile V.S Rebuilt Title

Many people don’t know the difference between a rebuilt salvage and clean title vehicle or are just confused about what they mean. It is so important to understand the difference between both types of vehicles and their pros and cons so that one can make the right choice when shopping for their car.

There are a lot of speculations about both types of vehicles, rebuilt salvage are unreliable or unsafe, clean titles give you less problems and last longer. Both can be true but not entirely. A rebuilt salvage vehicle is a vehicle that had previously earned a salvage title due to some sort of damage to the car. For example the car may have been in an accident where it was hit and was declared a total loss. It could also be something less drastic like vandalized, been in a minor accident or gone through hail damage. Rebuilt salvage does not mean that the car has had major damage it just means it has had some sort of damage.

Once the vehicle has been fixed or “rebuilt” and has passed inspection it then earns a rebuilt salvage title to note that the car has now been fixed. Because the history a rebuilt salvage vehicle has many buyers tend to stay away from them in fear that the car is now unreliable, in some cases this may be true. In other cases this may not be so bad. If the car has been rebuilt professionally and all repairs were done right the vehicle can be just as reliable as a clean title. The resale value also decreases meaning that you can buy the same car for far less money then you would if that same car was a clean title, making it a better deal.

Just because a car has a clean title, meaning it has never been in an accident,  does not mean you won’t have issues with them especially if the previous owners did not keep up with the maintenance. It is always a smart idea to get the car checked out by a mechanic before purchasing it regardless of the title type to make sure that when you drive away from the lot you feel more at ease that you have bought the right car.