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Maintaining Your Vehicle: 6 Key Areas

Maintaining your vehicle to increase its life span

Now we all know that on occasion our vehicles need some loving when in despair. While vehicles can be some lean, mean, running machines they can also be very delicate and needy. Our vehicles reliability relies on keeping up with its maintenance. Weather you have a Honda, a Lexus, or a Toyota  maintaining your vehicle can also help prevent major issues in the future which could also save you money. We believe these six key areas are a must in maintaining your vehicle.

Oil Change  

Routine oil changes are a crucial part of a vehicles maintenance. This consists of replacing old oil in the engine for new oil to prevent the internal parts from over heating. The oil in the engine acts as a lubricant to help the different parts function effectively by adsorbing heat created from the moving components. Over time the oil starts to wear out and become less effective. To prevent this from causing major damage to the vehicle the oils should be changed as instructed by the manufacturer.

Air Filter

The air filter acts as a barrier to stop debris,dirt and contaminants in the environment from entering the engine. Like any other filter, it eventually begin to clog up and work less efficiently. This can cause an increase in fuel usage, unfiltered air to enter the cabin, and possible damage to the engine in a worse case scenario. Generally, one can have the air filter checked when scheduling an oil change.

Breaker Fluid

One of the most important advantages of a vehicle is its ability to keep you safe. Old breaker fluid can cause issue like break failures, decrease in stopping power, and corrosion may occur.  As moisture builds inside the breaker fluids reservoir it ability to reach its optimum temperature without boiling decreases, as well as its ability to perform appropriately. The goal is to flush out old breaker fluid before a significant amount of moisture builds, diluting the fluid.


Vehicle must produce high temperatures in order to create the momentum needed to move. And like all other object the metal of the engine can only withstand so much heat. Coolant absorb the heat emitted by the engine in order to stay cool enough to function. Surprisingly, coolant is comprised of two simple ingredients, water and antifreeze. Water is what actually helps keep the engine from overheating and antifreeze prevents that water from freezing over. It is important to check the coolant levels regularly to prevent the vehicle from overheating and breaking down.  

Spark Plugs 

Spark plugs are what give your vehicle a kick start and there condition is directly linked to the engines performance. Now, while spark plugs normally have a long lifespan it is still important to have them checked on occasion. Sign for detecting worn out spark plugs include problems starting the vehicle, engine misfires, engine surges and a lack of acceleration. Have your local mechanic check the spark plugs when doing routine maintenance to insure you catch any issues or wear and tear ahead of time.


There are two thing to focus on when checking the tires. The air pressure and the tire tread. Driving on a tire with low pressure can decrease your vehicles MPG  as well as cause a flat, both of which can be costly and dangerous. Be sure to check the recommended tire pressure which can normally be found by the driver door inside the vehicle. Tire tread is what provides traction when driving. As the tread starts to wear out the handling of your vehicles becomes difficult especially in dangerous weather like rain. If you ever believe the treading or tire pressure are low have it checked by a professional to confirm and give the best solution.

While there are other areas of a vehicle to keep up with these six are key in maintaining your vehicles reliability and longevity. If you have any concurrence about when to perform routine maintenance check the owners manual or ask a trusted mechanic. Be sure to stay aware of any warning signs that come on in the vehicle as this can also notify you when it is time to have your vehicle checked.




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