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Road Trip

Road Trip: Everything You Need To Stay Safe On The Road

Road trips can be fun and adventurous journeys that create memories to last a lifetime. They can also be a recipe for disaster. Things like flat tires, accidents, getting lost, and running out of gas are all possible issues that could arise while on a road trip. And when you are miles away from home this can be a scary thing. Preparing your car before a road trip and having the right tools can help make ensure everything goes as planned.

Preparing your car before a road trip

The first step in preparing your car is to schedule a basic maintenance check a week before the trip. Everything from the engine oil to the transmission fluid, battery and tires should be checked. You also want to get the lights and windshield wipers checked to make sure they do not need to be replaced soon. The last thing anyone wants during a road trip is a dead battery or a hard time seeing in the rain. Another important thing is to buy a portable GPS. Now I know, who uses those anymore right, we have our phones. But phones are not always reliable. With a portable GPS you won’t have to worry about running out of battery, loosing it, disruptions, or using up data.

Other things to do before your trip is to make sure you have a spare tire,  create an emergency contact list, get a roadside assistance plan,clean out the car, and fill up the tank. With these few steps you can be sure that your car will be in tip top shape for a long journey. Next is to make sure you pack the right tools in case of any emergencies.

Tools to keep in your car

There are 3 key items to always keep in your car but especially when driving long distances. A auto safety kit, portable air compressor, and a tire changing kit. The auto safety kit should include a first aid kit, tow rope, booster cables, and a flash light. Some also come with a blanket, emergency poncho, and road safety reflectors. All three items can be found at any auto supply store, Walmart or Target. And to make sure that everyone riding in the car stays happy don’t forget to pack food, drinks, and good music.

We get so excited to plan all the good stuff for our trips but don’t forget to plan for any issue too. Give your car what it needs to keep running and anything needed incase it fails.Worrying about being under prepared won’t be an issue if you are ready for anything. Remember to take a lot of pictures, enjoy the moment, and just have a good time.