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Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Car Lovers!

Valentines Day Gifts They Will Love 

Love is in the air and the time to celebrate is fast approaching! Weather your celebrating with family, friends, or a significant other finding the right gift for valentines can be stressful. You want it to be cool, useful, and something they will love.

Well if you have a car lover on your hands we have some awesome gift ideas that are sure to impress. It may even be the best gift they’ll receive all year!

Our Top 11 Gifts

1) Auto Care Products

Who wouldn’t love a kit to help keep their car looking good? Get creative by going the DIY route and build gift basket with products or buy one already made. You can find kits at auto parts stores, Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Here is one we think is perfect for only $23.88. Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit 

2) Jump Starter

A jump starter is perfect for anyone and is great to have on hand. You never know when you, someone you know, or don’t know may need it. Whom ever is the lucky one to get this gift will certainly be the hero of the day! Check out this neat multi-use jump starter on Amazon starting at $59.99. OEMTOOLS

3) Tool Kit

 We always see those cute commercials on T.V around Valentines and Christmas time of the excited dad opening up his new tool kit. Well they definitely had a good idea. Weather your buying a gift for your partner, good friend, or family if they love cars and love working on them this is the way to go.  You can go as expensive or as economical as you want. We’ve found one that is great on the go and at home. DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set. 

4) Dash Cam 

Dash cams have multiple uses both fun and useful. They can be used to record your adventures on the road or to catch those moments we all try to avoid, accidents. They also come in handy to keep an eye on your vehicle when you are not around. But seriously who doesn’t want to catch those beautiful moments when on the road. Here is one at a good price and has a GPS built in for $99.97. Rove R2-Rk Dash Cam

5) Emergency Kit 

This is a great gift not just for car lovers but for everyone. If you have a car you should have an emergency kit, it never hurts to be prepared! This one has a little bit of everything and we’ve actually gifted it twice. We love it! Justin Case Premium Travel Pro Auto Safety Kit

6) Tiny Cooler

This has to be one of the best things ever invented. A mini fridge that requires no ice and goes wherever you go! Great for sport events, road trips, picnics,  and much more. And if your valentine loves to be on the road this is perfect to store some snacks and drinks with out worrying about the food going bad. Black and Decker Travel Cooler 

7) Shift Bottle Stopper 

Out of everything this has to be my personal favorite. A design twist on your typical bottle stopper. You could even buy several of these and hand them out to each one or your valentines or pair it with their favorite bottle of wine, whisky, rum ,etc. A gift for all or a gift for one either way it really is the perfect gift. Gear Shift Bottle Stopper

8) Personalized Licence Plate Frame

How awesome would it be to add some character to your valentines ride. Have a personalized licence plate frame made with their favorite quote, cute nickname, special message, or a joke between the two of you. Make it as personal as you want or just something to make others laugh. You could even take it a step further and get a custom licence plate to go with it.  License Plate Frame  

9) Seat Cushion & Steering Wheel Cover

Another way to add character to their vehicle is to get a seat cushion with a matching steering wheel cover. You can even get a seat cushion for the passenger side… you know to have a matching set. Not only will this add character but comfort as well for a more relaxed ride. There are so many to choose from, from heated cushions to foam and orthopedic ones. Pick the one that best fits your… I mean your valentines needs. If you are looking for something simple but useful take a look at this Sanilax seat cushion with a heating and cooling feature.

10) Mini Vacuum & Carpet Cleaner

If your valentine is a car lover then they most likely keep their car pretty clean but messes happen especially when other people ride in the car. For instant clean ups a mini vacuum that is easy to store and a carpet cleaner to go with it will keep their car clean at all times.  We have found a Vacuum and Carpet Cleaner  we believe will do the job.

11) Gift Card

If all else fails get a gift card. Places like Auto Zone, Pep Boys, O’Reilly’s, or even online stores have them. Which ever place is their favorite go with that. To make it more personal buy a valentines card to go with it. You could even make a goody bag with their favorite snacks and place the gift card inside.

What ever you get your valentine remember it is not just about the gifts. It is about celebrating love and taking the time to enjoy your loved ones. As long as your gift comes from the heart it will be perfect.

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